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-A $50-$200 (depending on complexity of the project) non-refundable booking fee is required for all bookings in addition to a deposit. This goes towards the drawing and in person/online consultation (If needed). 

- Elle's current minimum/hourly rate is $300. (Please note, Elle's previous rate of $275 will continue to be honored for all ongoing / large scale work started in 2022).

- Elle does not give out exact price quotes as there are too many variables that can affect how long a tattoo will take. During a consultation you can request an estimate but please understand that the final cost could be less or more.

- A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. The deposit will come off the total when you come in to get tattooed. Please refer to Elle's deposit policy for more info.


-A non refundable deposit is required to book all appointments. The deposit will come off the total cost of the tattoo upon completion. If multiple sessions are required, the deposit will come off the final session. 

-The deposit ranges from $200-$400 depending on size/complexity of the design.

-Dates will not be held and drawings/artwork will not be started until the deposit is paid.

The following will result in a forfeit of your deposit:

a. No call/No show*.

b. Rescheduling more than once.

c. Notice of cancellation/request to reschedule within fourteen days of your appointment. It is understandable that unexpected things can come up without warning. All you need to do is notify Elle, put down a new deposit, and you will be able to get back on her books for the next available opening.

d. Changing idea/design once an appointment has been made (If a redraw is requested a new deposit will be required to start the booking process over)**. 

*An additional fee of $300 (= one hour of tattooing) will be applied for last minute cancellations and no shows.

**Elle does not send out any artwork in advance. Time is allotted at the beginning of every session to review the design and make any minor adjustments (if needed).

Covid Guidelines:

During the ongoing pandemic we ask that all clients show proof of vaccination. N95/KN95 Masks must be worn at all times while inside the shop. Elle will send out more detailed info /updated policies prior to your appointment. 



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