When do your books open?

I will be reopening my books on 9.1.21 for October/November. Clients will have two weeks to submit their ideas, I will review all submissions and get back to those whose projects are selected by 9.22.21. If you do not hear from me please don’t take it personally. I’m incredibly grateful for anyone who wants work done by me but I am only able to take on projects that I feel would best fit my skill set and creative direction.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by completing the contact form. Please make sure to include all of the info requested and send at least 2-3 reference images as well as info on size and placement.

What type of work are you booking?

Currently, I’m really focused on growing and evolving my style which is primarily black and grey, black work/ dotwork. My favorite subject matter to tattoo is floral, botanical, ornamental, and celestial themed. I am not booking any color pieces, cover ups, small walk in style tattoos, or other styles at this time. Please check out the gallery for examples of the types of tattoos I specialize in. 

Do you send out designs ahead of time?

I do not send out artwork ahead of time, I prefer to review it with clients in person so we can size and place it appropriately. I always leave time for any minor adjustments at the beginning of each appointment.